Becoming The Best


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Do you feel like you're not enough?

Do you feel like you don't deserve what you desire?

Are you stuck or scared to take that next step?

I work with men & women who have adversity, feel stuck, or are

searching for a different way.

Meet Darla Evon


Best Selling Author,

International Speaker,

NLP Master Practitioner,

Board Certified MER® Coach


Darla is a sweet soul who has an ability to connect with everyone. She automatically makes others feel at ease with her big smile and opening arms and vulnerability.

   ~Nicole Kenneally, Brisbane, Australia

     Tennis Coach, University of Colorado 

Broken to Beautiful will inspire you to let go of your past without fear, blame, shame, or anger. Darla shares her trust in God and how to believe in yourself.

   ~Marilyn Foss, Saskatchewan, Canada

     Owner, Gentle Touch

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