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          I'm a survivor and a thriver.  My joy comes from deeply connecting with others, listening to your story and exuding enough light to be a beacon of hope.


          I'm a leader in transformation, inspiration, and empowerment.   My gift is being authentic and vulnerable and giving my clients and audiences permission to do the same.  I create a safe space for you to be yourself while learning to build a life of your dreams.  

           Using my personal life experience of finding the strength to get back up and start over, as well as proven tools to help others overcome their obstacles. I am a board-certified master NLP practitioner,  Master level Mental and Emotional Release coach®, a certified Dream Builder coach®,  an international speaker, Author, Dental and Health Science major, and hypnotherapist. After tragically losing my career in Dentistry from a car accident that resulted in a severe spine injury, I found my true spiritual calling.  I am a proud mother of two adult boys and married to my best friend,  TJ.  

I look forward to connecting!


Darla Evon's depth of personal experience allows her to connect and impact individuals and audiences alike. Her book is not about being perfect, it's about being enough!

She inspires the reader to have a voice and the courage to gather the broken pieces and then bond them together. The result - a stronger and more resilient person.

     -Gary Barnes, Littleton, CO 

       President -, Motivational & Keynote Speaker,        Author, Sales Success Training, Business Coach. 


Darla Evon


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